Healthcare Business Management

Managing a Successful Healthcare Business

There are a number of issues critical to managing a successful healthcare business. Your awareness of these issues, as well as the necessary state and federal regulations, will help to maximize the industry’s best practices in your organization. Our consulting services aim to increase your organization’s operational efficiency, while retaining patient care and patient satisfaction. To achieve this we will thoroughly review your current work flow and streamline the processes that anchor your business management. Below you’ll find a sample of just a few issues in the industry that MMS can help your organization with.

FDA Compliance Review

We will perform a comprehensive review of your compliance with FDA for transfilling and gas handling including the drug manufacturing requirements for Liquid and Compressed Gas, and the Current Good Manufacturing Practices. This review will also include an assessment of your current documentation, forms and revised policies as well as training that would be required for compliance.

Billing Processes Review

Our consultants will assist you in managing the process of applying for a new DMEPOS provider number and aggregating the required supportive documentation. We will review your compliance with Medicare and Medicaid coverage criteria and provide insight to common practices, auditing patient files and maintaining required supportive documentation.

Risk Management Review

Risk involves exposure to liability, patient incidents or safety issues that are all affected by lack of training, process review, and management. The current environment requires that organizations minimize their exposure. Having a risk management review of your healthcare company will highlight those areas of your operation and safety policies that leave your organization vulnerable. Through this process assessment of your organization, we will develop a sound implementation plan and include procedures to provide the best practice guidelines for the industry. We will also tailor the improvement plan to your organization’s specific needs, while taking into a consideration the human element of your program.

Activity-based Costing

What does it cost to do business? All too often companies do not perform an ongoing review of the products and services that the organization provides. By identifying direct and indirect costs associated with the services provided by your company the organization can work towards eliminating waste and increasing profitability. We can provide you with the activity-based costing analysis and job function evaluation and value within your organization.